17 June 2019

Organisational Alignment Video Series. (Enabling Vision to be Achieved – EVA)

We have recently released the first two of a five video series on Organisation Alignment for Safety Professionals. We refer to our alignment approach as EVA – Enabling Safety Vision to be Achieved.

Enabling Safety Vision to be Achieved – Organisational Alignment

Enabling Safety Vision to be Achieved EVA – Vision

The core principle of our approach is the need to align your organisation’s (safety) vision, strategic plans goals and actions (what we do) that we call Management and behavior, relationships and culture (how we do what we do) which refer to as Leadership. as outlined in the model below.

The Organisational Alignment series consists of:

Part 1 EVA – Organisational Alignment

Part 2 EVA – Vision

Part 3 EVA – Management

Part 4 EVA – Leadership

Part 5 EVA – Putting it all together – an example