Safety relationship coaching for Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHS) professionals, WHS practitioners and organisation managers and supervisors.

We proved worksite and remote coaching


Our experience is that real change occurs at worksites where there is workplace support for personnel implementing learning. We recognise that training is an event and may not provide the change you are seeking in the worksite.

We support the implementation of learning at the worksite, as well as providing individual and group coaching. Through our relationships with safety professionals, we are also able to support the development of key personnel through mentoring relationships.

We proved worksite and remote coaching (e.g. skype). Some remote coaching is always built into our workshop structure. We also provide tailored coaching supporting the worksite development of safety professionals

Team Development

Teams for Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHs)  Professionals and WHS Practitioners are often different from traditional teams. In many organisations, safety personnel report to line managers, with only a dotted line reporting relationship to a corporate safety group. They may well be operating remotely and in small groups. The dynamics are different from the traditional team all working in the same location. We understand this challenge and can work with safety personnel to build both line and functional teams.

We work with teams at all stages of development and apply latest thinking in human dynamics and organisational psychology to support the development of high performing teams.
Our team development approach can be workshops, coaching or a combination of both.

Coaching and Team Development Support Resources

To support our coaching and team building, Safety X use a variety  resources to support our Coaching and Team Development activity.

Critically we always work with development processes our clients have used or are using to:

  • Support and consolidate existing developmental activities
  • Avoid confusion through the introduction of “yet another system”
  • Cost effectiveness where the client has already invested in professional development.  
Where clients do not use or have not used coaching and team development resources, we have can recommend and use activities such as: 

The Hogan suite is a  comprehensive suite of personality assessments and 360 degree feedback tools.  They include the Hogan Safety Report and Safety 360 that provide individual Safety Leadership feedback for personal development and the Safety Climate Survey. 

Safety X use the Wiley Everything DiSCand associated products. DiSC is easy to administer and interpret.  

The Margerison –  McCann Team Management systems approach provides another alternative for exploring the relationship between leadership and behaviour. This profile approach focuses on the relationship between work preferences and the work people do..

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