Safety X. Creating mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships between safety and organisations through the application of Organisational Development principles.

What we do

Trevor Strother established Safety X to provide Professional Development for Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHSW)  Professionals and WHSW Practitioners  (WHSW Specialists). We focus on supporting WHSW Specialists to  integrate safety into organisations through their business relationship skills.  We do this through open and in-house workshops, customised training, coaching and consulting. Through our expert facilitator network, we operate Australia wide and internationally.

We also work with other professional groups who have similar relationship building and management challenges. We are passionate about the need to integrate Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHSW) considerations into all organisational activity – from board level to the newest person in the organisation.

Our focus on Relationship Skills is influenced by

We aim to be up-to-date and innovative, with our work reflecting current evidence-based approaches and best practice in Business Relationship Building and Management.

Our Services


We are constantly developing and delivering workshops that meet the Relationship Skill development needs of Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHS)Professionals and WHS Practitioners (Safety Specialists) and the organisations they work in. Our workshops are participant centred and dynamic with discussion and skills practice.

Coaching and Mentoring

We recognise that training is an event and may not necessarily provide the worksite relationship change sought. We support the implementation of learning at the worksite, as well as providing individual and group coaching. Through our relationships with Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing Safety Professionals and Safety Practitioners, we also support the development of your key personnel through mentoring relationships.

Team Development

Teams for Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHS) Professionals and WHS Practitioners are often different from traditional teams. In many organisations, safety personnel report to line managers, with only a dotted line reporting relationship to a corporate safety group.

Consulting Services

In the first instance, when considering external support, we encourage you to look inside your organisation. Your people usually know what is working or not working, and often know the solutions. Should you decide to use an external advisor to provide a different perspective, to confirm/disconfirm your findings or an extra resource we would be pleased to talk with you.

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